Chatuchak Market Guide, Bangkok: Best Shop Locations 

stall at Bangkok Chatuchak market

What is Chatuchak Market?

Chatuchak Market is the largest covered outdoor market in Thailand, and is a must-see if you’re visiting Bangkok. With over 15,000 stalls, you’ll be able to find anything your heart desires – souvenirs, clothing, homewares, pets and antiques, plus lots of food stalls and massage parlours.

Where is Chatuchak Market?

It’s a short walk from Mo Chit BTS station, and open to the public every Saturday and Sunday between 9am – 6pm. During the week, you’ll find the plant section and wholesale parts open at different times.

How to find shops at Chatuchak Market

Since the market is so big, it’s divided into sections and sois (rows) to make finding particular stalls a little easier. You’ll definitely get lost at some point or another, but that’s part of the fun! Here are some of my favourite stalls – and their locations in the market – to get you started in Chatuchak. The section/soi listings will make more sense once you’re in the market and can follow the signs hanging in the alleyways.

fresh coconut dessert at Chatuchak market, Bangkok


Section 23, Soi 32/7: T Shirt Shop
Vintage-looking T shirts printed with pop culture references with Asian twists.

Section 21, Soi 28/3: Tie Dye Clothes and Boxer Shorts
The big shop on the corner has tie dyed clothes in tonnes of different styles and colours. There’s also a stall opposite that sells quirky patterned boxer shorts.

Section 4, Soi 50/2: Old Skull T Shirt Shop
Streetwear-style graphic T Shirts in colourful designs.

Section 4, Soi 47-49/2 and Section 4, Soi 51/1-2: Designer Boutiques
Rows with boutique clothing stalls selling local Thai designs.

rattan bags at Chatuchak market Bangkok


Section 4 Soi 50/1: Tote Bags
Canvas tote bags printed with bold graphic patterns.

Section 7, Soi 63/3: Boho Bags
Plenty of tote and shoulder bags woven with straw, rope etc. There are several of these shops around the market, with varying bag qualities.


Section 17, Soi 9-8-7/1: Blue Ceramics
Lots of stalls with beautiful ceramic bowls, plates, cups and kitchen items with blue finishes.

Section 15, Soi 9/1: Thai Ceramics
Traditional Thai scenes (dancing, rice fields, elephants etc.) painted in bright colours on bowls, teapots, plates and other utensils.

Section 19, Soi 6/1: Wooden Homewares
All sorts of wooden homewares and trinkets.

Section 8, Soi 14/1: Straw Items
Baskets and other boho household items woven from straw.

Section 7, Soi 63/3: Art
Large canvases painted by local artists in lots of different styles. Most of the stalls are manned by the artists themselves.

Section 17, Soi 8/7: Hem Aroma Perfume Shop
Stall with a huge variety of essential oils, perfume blends and aromatherapy diffusers.

spice shop at Chatuchak market Bangkok


Section 20, Soi 5/1 and Section 11, Soi 12/1: Boom spices
A stall with all sorts of local spices. They have different Asian spice blends prepackaged and ready to take home.

Section 4, Soi 48/3: Cafes
Lots of little boutique cafes with covered seating – great for a coffee and break from the shopping chaos.

Section 9, Soi 18/1: Tik Cafe
Great spot for fresh mango sticky rice and fresh drinks.

cafe stalls, Bangkok
outdoor stalls, Bangkok

Self Care

Section 21, Soi 28/6: Massage Place
Just one of the many massage places inside the market. It’s air-conditioned inside and very well priced – perfect for a quick foot massage in between browsing the alleys.

Chatuchak market stalls, Bangkok

Use these stalls as starting points to explore different parts of the market. Have fun and enjoy this crazy Chatuchak experience!

Poppy xoxo

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