11 Awesome Places To Eat In Western Sydney

Sick of eating at the same places in Sydney over and over again? If you’re willing to travel out of the city, you’ll find loads of hidden gems in the suburbs of Sydney – you just need to know where to look. Here are 11 great places to eat in Western Sydney!

1. YX Mini Hot Pot

If you’re looking to get lost in another world, get yourself to YX Mini Hot Pot. This hot pot restaurant has been decorated to look like a scene out of a traditional Chinese fairytale, which definitely makes the dining experience feel special. Now for the food – each diner gets their own individual hot pot, and the ordering is all done electronically from the tablet on your table. I love how the meat is presented, especially the platter of roses! The food here is pricier than the usual hot pot joint, but the quality of your meal and the overall experience matches the price. YX Mini Hot Pot has also opened a new location in Haymarket recently, which has more of a cosy private booth atmosphere. 

delicious hotpot western Sydney dinner eat

2. Wagyu House KBBQ

This is the holy grail of all-you-can-eat Korean BBQs, and at around $35 a head you’ll be hard-pressed to find better value. Wagyu House has a huge selection of quality meats and they use wire grilling plates with charcoal, which gives your meat a great smoky flavour. It’s busy every night of the week, so come early if you want to avoid the lines! 

Wagyu House Korean BBQ buffet western Sydney

3. Kanzo Sushi

There’s no shortage of Japanese restaurants in Sydney, but Kanzo is one of the best in the West. The sushi combinations served at Kanzo aren’t the typical Japanese offerings – think Aussie fusion, with lots of toppings and delicious sauces. It’s a busy lunchtime spot for workers in the local area, so be prepared for the lunch rush on weekdays.

Kanzo sushi western Sydney dinner restaurant in Parramatta

4. Knafeh

The guys at Knafeh love theatrics, but it’s their sweet cheesy dessert that steals the show. For anyone not familiar with the Knafeh dessert, it’s a traditional Middle Eastern sweet made of baked cheese and breadcrumbs, drenched in sugar syrup – yum! The bearded bakers at Knafeh run as a pop up all over western Sydney, so check their social media to find where they’re baking at any given time. 

Knafeh dessert western Sydney Lebanese sweet cheese

5. Tan Viet

This Vietnamese restaurant is famous for its iconic noodle soup and crispy chicken that will blow your mind. The menu here is simple and the service is lightning fast, since most diners already know their order before they even step foot in the restaurant. The soup here is not your typical Vietnamese pho – it’s a more nourishing bone-broth full of goodness. And the crispy chicken is fried to perfection every time!

Tan Viet restaurant Vietnamese soup western Sydney food

6. The Woods Pantry

This modern cafe in the suburbs focuses on Aussie classics with a middle eastern twist. The highlight of the menu here is the Knafeh French toast – a sweet cheesy desert (or breakfast if you’ve got a sweet tooth) served with pistachio ice cream and a generous drizzle of fragrant rosewater syrup. Besides the food, I can’t get over the giant horse covered in plants that lives here – random, but cool.

French toast brunch western Sydney cafe

7. Al Aseel

Al Aseel is probably the most iconic Lebanese restaurant in Sydney, and for good reason. Its menu is full of mouth-watering Lebanese flavours, served in big portions fit for even the biggest of appetites. Al Aseel is the perfect place to bring a group of friends and share plates of delicious Middle Eastern food.

Al Aseel Lebanese restaurant western Sydney food

8. Bay Vista

Chocoholics take note – Bay Vista is your one-stop shop for deserts in the West. They’ve got liquid chocolate on tap, crepe and pancake making stations, and ice cream bowls with all the toppings you could ask for. The place is open until late, so you can enjoy indulge your sweet tooth or grab a coffee after hours.

bay vista ice cream bowl dessert parramatta

9. Tuk Tuk

Traditional Thai flavours are the drawcard here at Tuk Tuk, in a city oversaturated with Thai restaurants. While they’ve got all the usual Thai dishes, the bold flavours here pack a punch and you’ll be back for more! If you’re not good with chilli, make sure you tell the waiters you’d like your dishes very mild – otherwise you’ll be crying tears of spiciness (I found this out the hard way).

Tuk Tuk thai lao restaurant canley vale dinner spicy food

10. Hot Pot City

Hot Pot City is home to a buffet with an amazing spread full of seafood, vegetables, noodles, sauces and meat. Pick your soup flavour and get stuck into plates of all your hot pot favourites!

hot pot soup Bankstown buffet all you can eat asian food

11. Poke Bros

If you’re craving a healthy meal, stop in at Poke Bros and pick yourself up a delicious poke bowl. They have seafood, chicken and vegetarian options, with decent portions and fresh ingredients. Even though it’s not particularly traditional, I love the spicy Korean chicken bowl with mayo and kimchi – its secret ingredient is cream cheese! 

poke bowl Cabramatta delicious  healthy food Korean chicken

So there you have it – 11 great places to try in Sydney that aren’t in the city CBD! Give one of these a try next time you’re hungry for something different. 

Poppy xoxo 

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15 FREE Things To Do In Sydney, According To A Local

We all know Sydney isn’t exactly the cheapest city in the world, and living here I know this all too well. Things can really add up if you’re not paying attention to your spending while you explore this beautiful city. While it’s nice to indulge sometimes, there’s plenty of things us locals love to do in this harbour city that won’t cost you a thing! Here’s a great little list of free activities that will keep you busy in Sydney, as recommended by a local.

1. Visit one of Sydney’s beaches

Sydney is lined with beautiful beaches – the coastal lifestyle is of the city’s greatest draw cards. Unlike lots of other places around the world where beach access is privatised, beaches in Sydney are completely free for all to enjoy! Whether it’s iconic Bondi, northern Palm Beach or down south in Cronulla, hit the beach and enjoy the sand between your toes.

Coogee beach Sydney Australia

2. Art Gallery of NSW

The Art Gallery Of NSW is the biggest art gallery in the Sydney, and while there are usually seasonal exhibits which require admission tickets, the majority of the art is free for the public to admire. The gallery has an impressive collection of art on multiple levels, with a great display of indigenous Australian pieces. It’s a great place to visit for a date, family day out or solo for some creative inspiration.

Art Gallery of NSW paintings

3. MCA

The MCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) is another great art gallery in Sydney, located in Circular Quay. There are lots of free galleries inside the museum filled with great contemporary art, and the rooftop cafe has a stunning view of the harbour you won’t want to miss!

contemporary art museum

4. Walk along the Harbour Bridge

The Harbour Bridge is an absolute Australian icon, and you’ll probably find most visitors to Sydney have seeing the bridge on their bucket list. If doing the offical climb to the top of the bridge is a little out of your budget (it’s not cheap!), try taking a free walk along the bridge’s pedestrian path and enjoy the same view. A slow stroll will take about 30 minutes, and the view will definitely be worth the walk.

beautiful Harbour bridge in Sydney

5. Bondi to Bronte walk

Another free activity that Sydney-siders love is the famous beachside walk between Bondi and Bronte beaches. You’ll get your steps up while being treated to beautiful ocean views!

bondi icebergs beach pool

6. Enjoy the gardens and water fountains in Darling Quarter

Just a quick walk from Darling Harbour, the newly-updated Darling Quarter area is full of restaurants, water fountains and playgrounds. Make your way down and relax by the water features, or have a cheeky swing in the park.

darling quarter fountain Sydney

7. Stroll around Paddy’s Markets

If you’re looking for souvenirs, Paddy’s Market in Haymarket will already be on your radar. But this Sydney market has much more than just ‘I love Sydney’ keyrings. Paddy’s Market has a whole section down the back dedicated to fresh produce, as well as stalls for clothes, electronics and questionable lingerie. Get lost wandering around the aisles – a bit of window shopping never hurt anybody!

Paddy's market activities in Sydney

8. Check out the views at Circular Quay

Even as a local, I love coming down to Circular Quay every once in a while to soak up the views of the Harbour Bridge and Opera House. Admiring these Sydney icons with the ocean breeze in your hair is an experience money can’t buy – literally, because it’s free! A little tip – the best panoramic view is from the platform inside Circular Quay train station, so don’t forget to stop and take pictures if you get off the train here.

sunset in Sydney harbour bridge

9. Walk the steps of the Opera House

While you’re in Circular Quay enjoying the views, you’ll definitely want to visit the famous Opera House. If a prestigious show in the Opera House is a little out of your price range, not to worry – you can walk up the steps, around the front perimeter and have a peek inside for free.

Opera house bar at sunset Sydney

10. Admire the view from the top of Queen Victoria Building

The historic Queen Victoria Building is home to many luxury boutiques, and is largely a thoroughfare for people getting from point A to B in the city. Ditch the crowds on the lower levels and make your way up to level 2, where you’ll have a bird’s eye view of the building’s stunning architecture for free – don’t forget your camera!

QVB Queen Victoria building town hall

11. Relax in one of Sydney’s parks

Sydney City is full of green spaces, all of which are open freely to the public. Visit the Botanical Gardens for a beautiful area of manicured gardens, Hyde Park for the War Memorial, or Observatory Hill for an alternative view of Sydney Harbour.

Hyde park Sydney activities

12. Enjoy the light and sound exhibitions of Vivid

During the winter months, Sydney city puts on Vivid – a free display of night-time art around for the public to enjoy. You can expect colourful art projected onto iconic buildings around the city, and well as interactive light and sound installations which come alive at night. The city gets extremely busy during Vivid winter nights, but crowds are part of the fun in my opinion.

13. Plane-spotting at Brighton-Le-Sands

If you like aviation, this one’s for you! Sydney is one of the few places in the world that has its airport situated in the heart of the city, which makes for awesome plane-spotting. Get yourself down to Brighton-Le-Sands beach, where you can watch planes fly in and out whilst sitting on the sand.

B747 Qantas plane spotting Sydney

14. Browse for books at Kinokunya and Dymmocks

Looking for a great free activity that will keep your mind busy? Spend some time browsing in Japanese bookstore Kinokunya, or head down the road to the classic Dymmocks store in Town Hall. You could spend all day flipping though the books at either of these stores, both which have cafes if you’re looking for a coffee to go with your page-turner.

town hall QVB

15. Visit the Grounds of Alexandria

Part restaurant complex, part garden oasis, the Grounds of Alexandria is a new Sydney icon in the age of Instagram (you’ll recognise it as the backdrop for many influencer shoots!). The food at the Grounds of Alexandria can be a bit pricey, but it’s completely free to wander around the complex, and is totally worth visiting for an earthy vibe that will transport you to the countryside.

grounds of Alexandria Sydney activities things to do

I hope you like this list of free things to do in Sydney!

Poppy xoxo

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