Hey, hi, hello – it’s Poppy here!! Welcome, and thanks for stopping by.

A little bit about me – I’m an artist, photographer and full-time traveller. Home base for me is on the beautiful coast of Sydney, Australia, where I live with my two spoilt retired greyhounds and an even more spoilt partner.

Thanks to my Australian/Malaysian background, I’ve always had an appreciation for other cultures and I spent a lot of my childhood travelling around Asia. I did my first solo trip around the world when I was 16, and I’ve been going round again and again ever since!

Nowadays, I’m blessed to travel full-time with my job as a flight attendant. I never planned on a career in aviation, but here I am – the universe works in mysterious ways.

Over the years I’ve done the months-at-time backpacking stints, tropical getaways, 24-hour luxury layovers and everything in between. I hate to admit that being a flight attendant has gotten me a little too accustomed to the 5 star hotel life… but I still love hoisting myself into a hostel’s top bunk if it means I’ll be closer to the travelling action!

My favourite places to travel to are busy, chaotic places full of colour and character. I’m a massive foodie, so most of my travels revolve around eating (and taking pictures of said eating). I love researching new destinations and I’m constantly updating my travel bucket list with (mostly food-related) places to visit.

In my spare time, I try to avoid doing all the essential chores and instead cook exotic dishes and attempt DIY projects around the house. Since I’m normally only home 2-3 days a week, I can usually get away with this.

And that’s it really!! Just your regular twenty-something with a travel/food obsession. Hopefully you enjoy my posts, and they make you hungry to go out and explore more of the world. Or just hungry.

Poppy xoxo

You can get in contact by shooting through an email to poppybling@icloud.com, or DM me on the socials.