What To Eat At Tashas: South Africa’s Best Cafe Chain

My guilty pleasure in South Africa is the popular cafe chain Tashas. It’s the perfect place for brunch with friends, business meetings or a quick solo bite. When I travel to Johannesburg, you’ll find me at Tashas almost everyday for some sort of meal. I’ve tried basically everything on the menu at some stage or another – so here are my favourite picks!

Something sweet

Classic French toast with a side of crispy bacon:
This French toast is the real deal. I don’t know how they get the outside of the French toast so crispy and caramelised while keeping the inside soft and fluffy – it’s soooo good! The dish is perfect by itself with its berry reduction, but I always get a side of crispy bacon to cut through the sugar. Be prepared for the sugar rush to follow after you polish this off.

French toast breakfast South Africa

Something savoury

Mediterranean tostada:
If you’re looking for something really filling, this tostada is your best bet for a full stomach. It’s loaded with so much good stuff – grilled chicken, hummus, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, olives, feta, chilli flakes, cumin, parsley and vinaigrette, all served on top of a crispy wholegrain wrap. I’d recommend ordering a side of avocado to go on top…. you’ll basically get a whole avocado, and it’s totally worth it for that extra creamy texture.

Creamed avo on toast:
Everyone loves a good smashed avocado on toast, but this one has a bit of a twist. Expect your avocado to be creamed with almond and served with fennel, labneh, chives, parsley, spiced pistachios, cucumber & gluten-free sourdough. This is a really good vegetarian option, with surprisingly good gluten-free bread (I guess that makes this gluten free?!).

Hummus toastie:
Hummus, rocket, avocado, tomatoes, feta, poached egg, za’atar spice & toasted village bread. It’s definitely a bit of an upgrade from the usual eggs on toast! And another good option for those vegetarians out there.

Don’t forget with all the savoury dishes, you can go crazy with the sides! They have everything from halloumi to chicken schnitzel, and they’re all really well-priced.

Something healthy

Sometimes you just need a simple and hearty breakfast – if that’s what you’re in the mood for, order the oats. Banana, maple yogurt, coconut, chia and cinnamon-spiced warm oats – your stomach will thank you for this one! You’ll feel like snuggling up in the corner with a book while you slowly make your way through this bowl of goodness, and I’m sure the staff will be happy for you to do just that if it’s not a busy morning.

Fruit salad:
Nothing like a huge bowl of fruit salad to keep you happy and healthy. You can order with a side of yogurt and muesli to make it a more substantial meal. Perfect for a light summer brunch, or a few colourful snaps for your Instagram story.

Something to drink

Peanut protein smoothie:
This smoothie is so dense and filling it could almost be considered a light meal. Peanut butter, banana, almond milk, chia seeds, spiced agave syrup and cinnamon are blended to perfection, and those gym junkies out there can add whey protein into the mix for that extra kick.

Tashas hot choc with marshmallows:
This deconstructed drink is the perfect option on a cold day! They serve all the elements separately, so you can ladle in the Nutella and make your drink as chocolatey (or un-chocolatey) as you like.

Berry açai smoothie:
If you’re attempting to keep your juice cleanse alive, reach for this big glass of fruity goodness. Açai, banana, blueberry, mango and apple juice make for a light and refreshing  smoothie you’ll love.

Fresh Juices with Ginger:
They love asking you if you’d like ginger in any of their fresh juices, so be sure to say yes if you like that gingery zing.

There’s plenty of other amazing dishes on the menu at Tashas, so don’t limit yourself to the things in this post – enjoy!

Poppy xoxo

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what to eat at Tashas South Africa

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