13 Souvenirs To Buy In Morocco: A Shopping Guide

Man in sweet shop, Marrakech Morocco

If you’re like me and love anything remotely bohemian, Morocco will be your dream destination for souvenirs. The souks (markets) are packed with colours and chaos, filled to the brim with things that are both decorative and practical. While Morocco can be overwhelming with so many shops and souvenirs, there are a few things that really stood out to me as must-buy mementos of my trip. Here’s a list of 13 things souvenirs that you should pick up in Morocco, so you can budget accordingly!

spice shop in Marrakech Morocco

1. Rugs
Everywhere you go in Morocco, you’ll come across shops selling beautiful handmade rugs. There are so many different styles, sizes and colours to choose from, so you’re sure to find the perfect rug for your home. Have fun at the carpet shops, as staff lay rug upon rug out on the floor for you to admire – and don’t forget to bargain hard when you find the one you love! I’ve written a whole post about buying rugs in Morocco, which you can read here.

beautiful rug shop in Morocco

2. Lanterns
There are many places in Morocco that sell gorgeous lanterns, with intricate patterns carved into metal lampshades. Look for massive pendant lights, small tea-light holders and everything in between inside insta-worthy lantern shops around the country.

Lantern souvenir shop

3. Tajines
Tajines are iconic to Moroccan cuisine – you’re guaranteed to have a few amazing tajine dishes on your trip! While you can buy these cooking vessels from fancy homeware stores at home, why not pick up one of these bad boys straight from the source? You’ll find tiny decorative tajines designed to serve olives and dips, all the way up to the heavy-duty clay styles used for everyday cooking. I absolutely love my tajine and I use it all the time at home to cook delicious meals. The conical shape of the lid traps moisture, making your food juicy and flavourful every time.

Decorative tajines for olives and dips

4. Leather Goods
Morocco is known for its leather industry, especially in the city of Fez. Expect leather jackets, bags, belts, poufes and shoes being sold in the souks, all at reasonable prices. As you’ll find out when you visit the tanneries, authentic leather in Morocco is cured in vats of pigeon poop – yes, you read that right, pigeon poop. Shopkeepers will give you sprigs of mint to help you cope with the smell, but be prepared for it to linger slightly on your leather goods!

Open courtyard with leather shop in Marrakech Morocco

5. Shoes
Moroccan shoes come in all the colours of the rainbow, adorned with intricate bohemian patterns. Shoe stores in the souks mostly sell sandals or slip-on shoes, but if you like the idea of babouches (the pointy elf-looking shoes), you’ll also find those too. You can even pick up a furry pair if you’re after something a bit different!

sandals and shoes in the moroccan market

Fluffy slippers for markets in Morocco
6. Textiles

The Moroccan souks will be your one-stop shop for incredible textiles – look out for pillow cases, blankets, floor cushions and throws in vibrant patterns and textures. Moroccan textiles are known for their beautiful colours and are great souvenirs – you’ll be itching to get home and proudly put them on display!

Rugs and textiles in an alleyway, Essaouira Morocco

7. Ceramics
Moroccan ceramics come in all shapes and sizes, and you’ll find them everywhere on your travels. Their designs are influenced by both Islamic and Mediterranean culture, which makes for distinctive geometric patterns. Ceramic bowls are great souvenirs for friends and family – they’re useful little storage dishes for around the house.

Ceramic shop in Fez, Morocco shopping

8. Spices
Spices are integral to Moroccan cuisine, and are a practical souvenir to remind you of your travels. The spices I brought home from Morocco turned my cooking from basic to brilliant in an instant. You can’t miss the spice shops out in the souks – you’ll smell the pointy pyramids of powered spices before you see them. There are spices for everything – meat, chicken, fish, vegetables, stews, barbecue and even sweets mixes, which are all very affordable. The vendors will let you take a whiff of all their options, and will mix a special blend for you if you ask!

Vibrant spice shop in a market square Marrakech Morocco

9. Dates
Like spices, dates are really popular in Moroccan cuisine – you’ll find these dried fruits in tajines, couscous, or in small bowls accompanying your meals. There are so many different varieties of dates, with varying qualities and prices to match. Moroccan date shops have boxes and boxes of the fruit all neatly on display, and they normally let you have samples before you buy!

Boxes of dates in the Markets Morocco

10. Kaftans
If you love picking up clothing as a reminder of your travels, a Moroccan kaftan will make a great souvenir. You’ll find loads of everyday styles hanging up in the souks, as well as luxuriously beaded pieces in specialty shops. When deciding on a kaftan, I’d recommend picking something you can see yourself wearing in your regular life. The fancy or traditional styles may catch your eye, but it’d be a waste to get something that’ll just sit in your wardrobe when you get home.

Colourful covered markets in Marrakech Morocco

11. Tea Glasses
Morocco is famous for its delicious mint tea, which is usually served in delicate little glasses with gold finishes. Even if you don’t drink tea at home, a set of these glasses make great ornaments for around the house (or oversized shot glasses if you like to drink!).

Pouring mint tea at a Moroccan market restaurant

12. Argan oil
Argan oil has taken the beauty industry by storm, popping up in skincare as a miracle moisturiser. But many people don’t know that the oil is produced solely in Morocco. Authentic argan oil is milled from the nuts of argan trees, which are native to the country – because the process is quite laborious, pure argan oil is expensive. Beware of people selling fake argan oil at cheap prices, as it’s usually a blend of vegetable oils and doesn’t have the nutty aroma that pure argan oil has. There are different grades of argan oil (mostly for cooking or cosmetics), so make sure you don’t buy cooking quality for moisturising your face and vice versa.

Moroccan Lady making traditional argan oil

13. Woven Baskets
One thing that always caught my eye when travelling in Morocco was the woven baskets stalls. These baskets are made with straw and brightly coloured wool, woven into beautiful geometric patterns. The most common style is a conical shape with a removable lid, which is awesome as a display piece (and doubles as a sneaky storage solution too).

Woven baskets in outdoor market Morocco

So there you have it – my top 13 picks for souvenirs in Morocco. Keep lots of empty space in your suitcase when you leave home – you’re going to need it!

Poppy xoxo

Want to know more about shopping in Morocco? Check out this post I’ve written with tips and tricks for buying rugs in Morocco.

13 Souvenirs to buy in Morocco

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