What Is Greyhound Roaching? Everything You Need To Know

There’s plenty of urban definitions for the word ‘roaching’ out there, so what does it mean in the greyhound world?

Roaching is a position lots of greyhounds like to snooze in. Lying on their backs with their legs in the air, they look a bit like dying cockroaches when they roach (which is where the name comes from).

Our greyhound Pepper is a master ‘freestyle’ roacher – she can sleep upside down absolutely anywhere. Our boy Finn prefers to roach when he’s resting up against a wall or lounge. Either way, it always gives us a chuckle seeing them in such silly positions!

People tend to think that if a greyhound is roaching, it means that they’re happy. It’s usually a sign that a grey feels comfortable and safe in their environment, since the upside position would ordinarily leave them vulnerable to threats. If you’ve brought a new greyhound home, roaching is a good sign that they’ve settled in.

Is greyhound roaching common?

While roaching is pretty common, not all greyhounds like lying in this position, so if you can’t seem to catch your fur baby in the roaching position it doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t content. On the other side of the spectrum, some greys are obsessed with roaching and will do it anywhere (Pepper is one of these!), so it doesn’t always mean they comfortable either.

Regardless, roaching is one of those quirky greyhound traits that greyhound owners love to see!

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